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The Allegory Practice

5 Brayford Square,
London, E1 0SQ


Clinical Supervision for Professionals

The Allegory Practice offers clinical supervision to a wide range of therapists, working with varied client groups who work within various contexts.

We work in an integrative manner, providing flexibility, tailored to the needs and requirements of your practice.

At The Allegory Practice we work to:

  • Refining your therapeutic skills,
  • Develop your self-awareness,
  • Adhere to a strong ethical framework
  • Explore all aspects of your practice
  • Sometimes challenged with the intent to support you in your growth as a therapist.

Supervision is at the heart of your work as a clinician. At The Allegory Practice we offer a reflective space to support you in developing your practice which ultimately benefits client safety.

How much supervision should I have?

You should have supervision at a frequency and duration that allows you to discuss various facets of your work as needed

According to the BACP Ethical Guidance, the requirement for clinical supervision is 90 minutes a month.

Additional supervision outside of supervision provided by your paid or voluntary role may be a minimum of 60 minutes.

For further information on supervision please refer to the following link:

There are three key aspects to clinical supervision:

  • Retrospection/introspection: have a shared attitude to client work, what it means to be a therapist, the types of interventions used, the nature of the complex work we do, and the therapeutic relationship. The aim is to explore and deal with difficulties which may arise in your work and consider what is going well.
  • Reflection: feeling supported with your clinical work, to develop on your understanding, skills, and self-awareness as a reflective practitioner.
  • Reliability: ensuring that the quality of your work falls within the ethical and professional framework whilst maintaining open communication like what we offer to our clients. It is important to remain up to date with continued professional development to help inform your practice.

Supervision can help you:

  • Gain clarity and fresh perspectives on your client work.
  • Develop your skills and interventions.
  • Address ethical dilemmas.
  • Enhance your self-care and wellbeing as a therapist
  • Develop a constructive supervisory relationship

Clinical supervision provides a balance between you, your clients, and your practice.

At The Allegory Practice, we understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to supervision. Here are the options we offer:

  • Remote Supervision: We utilise secure online video platforms via zoom, MS Teams, or doxy to provide confidential and effective supervision, all at the convenience and comfort of your own space.
  • Telephone Supervision: If you prefer working via telephone, we offer this service and can provide a confidential and effective supervision, all at the convenience and comfort of your own space.


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